Monday, July 27, 2020

Feathered Stars in the Sashing

Donna Stickovich has quite a quilt collection.
She recently posted this one in the Quilts Vintage & Antique Facebook group.

It looks like the blocks are unpieced and all the pattern is in the sashing---
Construction difficult to show in a magazine so these plain block/pieced sash
designs haven't been recorded much.

It's a lot like this one from the Lockport Batting Company which they called A Kentucky Quilt in the mid-20th century.

You could make it as a block
but the idea of the pattern as sashing is probably more historically accurate.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Triple Rose Wreath

Quilt in the collection of the Denver Art Museum

Victorian Rose it's called

Maureen Franz's Briar Rose
The July pattern for Cassandra's Circle Block of the Month at
the Civil War Quilts blog features a rose with reverse appliqued detail.

Looking at roses with similar detail I realized I had pictures of three
that were rather unusual wreath designs.

A triple rose wreath

This one with detailed buds and a border of the same design once belonged to 
collector Phyllis Klein, sold at Jenack Auctions.

Quilt perhaps signed by Christiann Drick Smith, 1866
Hughsville, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Another quilt of the same nine wreaths but with a different appliqued border.

Wreaths aren't often based on 3 or 6 divisions but it works

A more complicated relative

Just last week Merikay Waldvogel saw this album sampler quilt dated 1860 in 
Jonesborough, Tennessee with the rose, leaves and buds as a block.

Look at how the pink (not reverse appliqued) is added.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Wrench Variations

A pattern that look so familiar but it's unusual....

But not unique. Wish I could read those notes but apparently
this one with the pink sashing was made by a woman named Mary Cuthbert.

It's a close relative of the very popular design known as Monkey Wrench or Hole in the Barn Door,
BlockBase # 1850

Not quite the same as a Monkey Wrench.

A Monkey Wrench is an adjustable wrench, I guess because
you can monkey around with it.

All the blocks in this post look to be about 1900-1920.

It's an interesting design....
So I'm adding it to the revision we are doing of the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns
and BlockBase.

We are making progress on getting the book and the program
ready for a fall release.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Wilhelmina's Wheel

Quilt in an unusual design by Wilhelmina Schultz (1857-1942), Newhall, Iowa. The family who brought this quilt in for documentation at the Iowa project thought it dated from 1860-1890.
You could describe it as kind of a geometric wreath or a cog wheel. This one has 14 scallops around the wreath.

Newhall in 1912

She was born in Germany and settled in the very German community of Newhall, west of Cedar Rapids, where she is buried with husband Henry.

See a little more about her quilt here:

And her family here:

In primary colors with simple shapes Wilhelmina's wheel has a lot of modern appeal. It does seem to be one of a kind although it has cousins.

About 1900

This one quite close kin.


About 1850, Carroll County, Maryland, on-line auction

Perhaps evolved from this kind of wreath.

About 1850

Related perhaps to the more common feather wreath seen in
Maryland area albums, like this one pictured in Marguerite Ickes's book.

Update: Well, I thought that was all the pictures I had of sprocket wheels, but then I found this stash:

From a Houston Festival show

International Quilt Museum #2009.044.0006
From the Four-Block collection of

Linda Giesler Carlson and Dr. John V. Carlson
"Double Scalloped Wreaths"

Block dated 1862

Online auction