Monday, December 25, 2017

A Clever Tree

'Tis the season for pine trees.

The pattern is BlockBase #854 
Pine Tree Quilt from the Laura Wheeler/Alice Brooks syndicate,
I'd guess in the 1930s

The unknown designer adapted a log cabin structure to make a tree.

But the quilts I've found in the pattern look

From the Florida project & the Quilt Index
Just like the pattern...

It might be something you'd want to piece over paper.
A 12" block requires 2-1/2" green strips, perfect for precuts.

This should print out 8" square.
For 12" enlarge it 150%.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Rose of Sharon Bouquet

From the Quilt Index
The block is a different symmetry than the usual
Rose of Sharon patterns. Rather than 4-way
mirror-image symmetry the design is more of a bouquet.

Floral center with 4-way, mirror image symmetry,
a much more common pattern structure.

Marie Webster pictured the asymmetrical design in her 1916 book and
called it Rose of Sharon.

She called this one Virginia Rose

Here are a few variations of this asymmetrical rose design
from my Encyclopedia of Applique,
numbered 31

Rose of Sharon from Hall & Kretsingers' 1935 book.
Carrie Hall's block is in the collection of the Spencer Museum of Art.

International Quilt Study Center & Museum

Because the block is rather loose in structure 
19th-century examples vary quite a bit.
Most of these photos are from online auctions or unattributed Pinterest posts
and most are mid-19th-century.

The major characteristic is a central rose or floral
with rotating motifs that are more like a bouquet
than the usual formal symmetries.

Here the central flower is a Victoria's Crown.
...a Harrison Rose.

Rose and pomegranate. The borders.....!!!

The block is similar to this beauty from the Texas project
& the Quilt Index.

From the collection of New York museum
Historic Huguenot Street.
She managed to make the asymmetry fill the square block well.

From a sampler in my collection.


Maximalism in a four-block from the Carlson collection
at IQSCM #2012_008_0008

An eagle in the center.
IQSCM #1997_007_0144

From a sampler/album dated 1860.
Collection of the Chemung Co (NY) Historical Society.
More a tree than a bouquet.

Sold at Augusta Auctions.

From the collection of MIA the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts.
See more about a subcategory Harrison Rose at this post:

Monday, December 11, 2017

California Star

Lisa was lucky enough to find this top in Fort Worth, Texas.

The fabrics look to be: 
  • plain Turkey red in the sashing,
  • shirting print for the background
  • and some neons---our current name for black background prints with multicolor figures from about 1900.

I'd guess the top was made between 1900 and 1925.

I recognized the pattern as it's a block from Carrie Hall's
1935 index: California Star

Hall's block in the collection of the Spencer Museum of Art
at the University of Kansas
I have pictures of other examples from the early 20th century,
this giant example from a Skinner auction.

Turkey red seems to have been a favorite....

which makes them hard to date---

Did any one make one in the 1930s pastels after seeing
the pattern in Hall's book?

From the Carlson collection at the International Quilt
Study Center & Museum. # 2009_044_0001

This pink and white variation is also probably late 19th century. The blocks
are tilted---

Two more variations from maybe 1900-1925

Want to make one? Marsha McCloskey has a pattern:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Magic Square - Zig Zag Shading

Detail of a mid-20th-century quilt

Looks like a southeastern Pennsylvania quilt about 1900.
Tans were probably once greens.

Found in Ohio, About 1890-1910
Julie Silber Quilts

Wish I had more examples for this second post in a series of Just Squares.

But then you get the picture.

Karen Griska has a pattern, looking at it as a block. Here's her mock up.
If you put a sashing strip of a single row between the blocks it would look like the vintage examples.