Monday, December 31, 2018

Sarah's Favorite from Farm & Home

Here's one of the oldest pattern clippings I have:
Farm & Home magazine, 1889
"Simple and Pretty Patchwork. Sarah's Favorite. Two Colors."
In the Busy Fingers department.

I've found pictures of two examples of quilts made in the pattern of triangles and squares.

Both from about 1900.

It works better in a side-by-side set than with the sashing.

It's not in BlockBase but it should be next to 2311

Also Sarah's Favorite---just a little different---fewer triangles.

I drew it in EQ8 by importing #2311 from BlockBase
and adding a few lines. Here it is in the "two colors" that
Farm & Home mentioned. I've given it the number 2311.2

And here it is as an all over block, recolored in EQ8

Kind of interesting.

Maybe best with an alternate block of a cheetos yellow orange.

BlockBase doesn't have a lot of patterns from Farm & Home.
It must have had a small regional circulation.
I just have that one clipping.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Rectangular Blocks

The Rectangular Block category in my picture files is pretty slim.
There are not many....

Which is a little surprising since rectangles will
tessellate as well as squares (Any 4-sided shape
can be repeated without gaps in the pattern)

The quilt at the top of the page is a Chinese Coins
pattern, a strip quilt that has been turned into a rectangular
block by matching the strip color in a regular pattern.

If you made every 6th strip black it would look like a rectangular block.

Kind of related to rectangular string quilt blocks

Any strip quilt could probably be turned into a rectangular
block; here's a flying geese

I have two examples of this strip of squares pieced
as rectangular blocks.

which might make the pattern easier
to handle than long strips.

Some rectangular blocks are just squares squeezed into rectangles.

Any log cabin could be a rectangle.

Here's a double four patch made of rectangles rather than squares

You could squeeze any square block in EQ8
into a rectangle twice as long as it is wide.

You can also create rectangular blocks by cutting a classic square pattern in half.

It's half of a Rolling Star set with an equal size alternate rectangle.

BlopckBase 3805 a and b

Collection of the Kentucky Historical Society

It's hard to see the pattern here but I think it's half a star pieced of diamonds.

Something like this
just stacked up.

You could probably do this with any square block with a central
focus, like a Dresden Plate. I erased half of the block in EQ8
and rotated the blocks around.

A rectangular block set with a rectangle

Some of these work better than others.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Unusual Twin Sisters

An odd repeat

And hard to figure out the block...

but here it is with seam lines
BlockBase #2314
Twin Sisters

Selma & Patty Bouvier
Marge Simpson's Twin Sisters. 
It's just strangely colored like Selma and Patty.

Published pattern names include Twin Sisters, Pinwheel and Waterwheel
among other.

The seams intersect as an X in the center.

The Nancy Cabot column in 1933 in the Chicago Tribune invented
a sad story of a pair of twins---one of whom died before
her wedding---hence, the name.
I doubt the tale, however.

There's a lot of design potential

Here it is set in strips diagonally.
You can see what can happen when you set strips diagonally.

A few years ago the SewWhatevers made this little top in the
pattern from some William Morris prints.


Monday, December 10, 2018

Strange Block Assembly in Pepto Bismol Pink

I posted this picture of a mid-20th-century quilt on my Facebook page, marveling
at how it was constructed---not in block fashion.

The quiltmaker made a relatively simple idea into a piecing extravaganza with the wheels of fans pieced into some white apple core shapes and then there is the x in bright pink.

It would have made a fine block with quarter circle fans in the corners.

 I drew it up in EQ8
8" block

Print this out at 8" for a 16" block.
I'm not too great at drawing fans but you get the picture.

While we were discussing this I couldn't
find the source for the one above but I did find a similar block.

Again with pink accents.



And then I saw this top on eBay a couple of weeks ago.

I had some trouble drawing the center area.
No source on this one either.
And what is with the pink???

BlockBase has several related designs with quarter circles in the corners but nothing like these three.

Cross Roads
Similar pattern structure. See a post here: