Monday, March 19, 2018

Pudding & Pie---Jelly & Jam

I've been looking for a name and source for this pattern for a while.

As the blogger at Starwood Quilter noted
It is not in BlockBase.

So I had no name and no number but a lot of photos of quilts from about 1950.

It should be in BlockBase and my Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns as a 
Miscellaneous Four Patch (page 185)

But it's not.

It was driving me nuts. How to find it?

Then I thought about 
Crowd Sourcing

So I posted some photos on a Facebook group of quilt historians and within seconds Joan told me she'd seen it as Pudding & Pie.
We figured out it was published by the Alice Brooks syndicated newspaper column, probably in the 1940s.
Merikay found a copy of the clipping from 1939.
"A Clever Change-About Design
Pudding & Pie"

I could have crowd-sourced the information in my stitch group as Carol tells me she has this book...

Tessellations by Jackie Robinson who calls it Tessellated Star.

 I added a sketch to my copy of the Encyclopedia as #1406.5.
It's such a clever pattern and easy enough. 

Most of the time.

That's a 45 degree angle.
The rectangles finished to 2" x 6" so cut them 2-1/2" x 6-1/2"

I drew it in EQ as a 12 inch block. You could use 2-1/2" precuts for
the strips. 49 blocks = and 84" square quilt.

If you shade it counterchange fashion (one block is the reverse of the other) 
and alternate the blocks

It would look like the version that Starwood Quilter did at the top of the page.

Since it's pieced from JellyRolls how about Jelly & Jam?

I feel better. The pattern has a name and number. Thanks to the crowd.


  1. Thanks for reminding me of this pattern. It was the first quilt pattern I ever considered making and somehow I never got around to it. I saw it in a vintage quilt at an Empire Quilters guild show at the Lexington Avenue Armory around 1996 and I even bought fabric for it but I doubt I'd use the same thing now -- tastes change. It's definitely back on my to-do list. I'm a bit surprised the pattern is so recent and not 19th Century.

  2. Naming a block... I dared to name it Les Moulins de la Ruche for a QAL, having no real name!
    Anyway it is a real fun block with many possibilities, as you show it, and a dream to make with a Jelly roll!

  3. I've made several versions of this pattern after seeing it in a quilt magazine ad as Picket Fence, some years before 2005. I'll send you a photo of my revised version.