Monday, August 13, 2018

Lewis & Clark

I showed this lone block from my collection on my Facebook page a while ago. It's #2922
in BlockBase with several pattern sources and names.

Ladies Art Company Pattern #146
Joseph's Coat

One popular source was the Ladies' Art Company. The St. Louis Company sold patterns and finished blocks through the mail beginning about 1890, which may be when this block was made. Is my lone block one of the cloth blocks you could buy from them through the mail?

Another source was the Clara Stone syndicated pattern company from Massachusetts,
which called it Lewis & Clark.

I've got a few other examples in the picture files. Here's one in a top from about 1900.
done as a block. It's an nicely balanced block with a lot of shading possibilities.

Three Southern quilts from the Quilt Index, made about 1880-1910:

Detail of a Tennessee version made by Cintha Jane McFarland Reed.
The perfect Southern quilt:
Bold colors
Triple Strip Sashing

Same idea by Elizabeth Whitley in North Carolina

Block on point!
Unknown maker, seen in West Virginia

It's been published several times.

It was in Carrie Hall's 1935 book as Joseph's Coat.
This is the block from the Hall collection at the Spencer Museum of Art.

She used a lot of color although her purples have faded to gray. The use of the Ely & Walker calicoes is kind of unusual for her. And so is that bad seam on the right side. I wonder if she made this block. But it is in her block collection.
Here it is in the Famous Features booklet Bible Favorites.

I had BlockBase make a Quick Quilt of the pattern and it certainly is an interesting all over set with the dominant light star here echoed in a darker red star. I tried some other ideas by overlapping duplicates of Hall's blocks.

Interesting secondary patterns here too. How would you construct it?

A different way of looking at it, rotated so the yellow squares are on the square rather than on point.

You could construct this variation with this as the block.
It's BlockBase #2039 King's Crown.

And this as the set.
Well it's cool if complicated.

See free pattern for a 10" block of the original Lewis & Clark/Joseph's Coat.

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