Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cactus Rose 1

A classic pieced and appliqued pattern

From Buckboard Quilts

There are several subtle variations:
(number of leaves, what's green and what's red and
how it fits into the square block.)

Cactus Rose Reproduction Quilt
By Pam Mayfield and Jean Stanclift,
Hand quilted by Ann Thomas,
Designed by Barbara Brackman.

When I drew this one up for America's Printed Fabrics.(see page 66 for the pattern) I put the leaf or floral at an angle and we set it side by side.

See the lines around the block to show that orientation in the square

Here's one on the diagonal in the block from 1840-1870.

One of the earlier red and green designs

Unusual idea from Old Sturbridge Village Museum they date 1840-1855. In this one with its cut-out chintz alternate blocks you get the feeling the quiltmaker was going through some fashion disruptions. Chintz quilts becoming old hat; red and green coming into style

Sally D. Hinckley 
had a similar idea for combining two styles.

I thought this quilt might have been made in 1873 but
from what I can see of the fabrics it may be 1840-1855.
Sally  might have been 73 at the time.

Most quiltmakers realized the age of chintz was
over and a white background was the thing to do.

When I indexed these for my Encyclopedia of Pieced
Quilt Patterns I described them as leaves (see page 117)

BlockBase numbers 857.01 to 857.04---none of them on the diagonal.
All are situated on the north-south axis of the block

Crib Quilt named Cactus Rose from the American Museum in Bath

The names I found in printed patterns:
  • Cactus Rose - Museum catalogs -Shelburne and American Museum/Bath
  • Peony - Woodard & Greenstein, Classic Crib Quilts
  • Sweet Gum Leaf - Clara Stone (about 1910), Kansas City Star, 1930
  • The Lily or White Lily - Carlie Sexton and Lockport Batting (about 1930) 
  • Star Flower - Oklahoma Farmer & Stockman (about 1925)
White Lily, early 20th century pattern from Lockport Batting

The earliest dated example I found is date-inscribed 1843-1845 from Maryland, in the collection of the Smithsonian.

Quilt that once belonged to Pink Phillips, dated 1843-1845 
from Westminster, Emmitsburg, and Taney Town, Maryland
Collection of the Smithsonian. Almost the same design as White Lily.

It was a block in March 2016 for the Westering Women BOM on my Civil War Quilts Block


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