Monday, April 24, 2017

Rose Tree: Show Off Piecing

From Quilts of Tennessee & the Quilt Index.

If I were looking for a number for this pattern I'd have to call it a variation of #44.7 in my Applique Encyclopedia.

It's down at the bottom left on this page of Floral Trees.

In her 1935 index to quilt patterns Carrie Hall called
it Prairie Flower or Missouri Rose.

Carrie Hall's block at the Spencer Museum.
She saw it as applique.

But I bet her inspiration, here called the Rose Tree
and Missouri Rose in another part of her book, was not appliqued....

More likely pieced like this one from an online auction.
Similar in style to the one below, which also looks pieced into a circle.

Sam Rayburn Family quilt.
The longtime speaker of the House was born in Tennessee
and the quilt resides in Texas.

From Spinning Spools
If you can find this out-of-print pattern book, you'll find a pattern for this one, also from Tennessee. 
But appliqued not pieced.

There seems to have been a style for the wreath design with blue leaves.
(You have to admit it's really not a tree but Rose Tree is the standard name today.)

Quite the fashion in Tennessee in the mid-19th century.
Here's a version by Mary Louise Howard from
the Quilts of Tennessee.

Marguerite Ickis in her 1949 book identified it as The Prairie Flower.
The quilt, which looks to be pieced, is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It's numbered 44.2 in my Applique index but I gave it the wrong name.

Cross this out in your copy.
I see I have drawn it wrong too.

Carlie Sexton called it Prairie Flower about 30 years earlier.

We often see it in red and green as in another Tennessee pieced example.

Clarenca Bradford Kimble's quilt at the Spencer Museum of Art
has been called Tulip Tree in the catalogs over the years. (#44.3)
This one is appliqued and it appears to be growing like a tree or a shrub.

Similar tulips from Ickis's book
"Conventional Tulip Pattern"

More published names:

Rose & Buds from the Nancy Cabot column in 
the Chicago Tribune, 1937 (#44.5)

A good source for an appliqued pattern: 
Sue Garman's Borrowed Roses,
inspired by Rose Kretsinger's  "New Rose Tree."

A simpler pattern for a Prairie Flower from Cabbage Rose Quilts:

Pieced patterns for a Prairie Flower/ Missouri Rose/ Rose Tree????

Read more about the design at these posts:


  1. That quilt pattern looks really good in the larger blocks on that bed. For a change, this is one I like better on a bed than flat. I cannot imagine the odd pieces and method of construction needed to piece this pattern -- I'd like to see the pieces drawn out.

  2. Hello Barbara I am currently starting a reproduction of a very similar applique quilt made in 1895 from the Auckland Museum in NZ. The applique blocks are of a similar Rose Tree design and pieced into the quilt as a circle. I love the quilt and can't wait to get started. The initials on the quilt are C.H.B, the great granddaughter donated the quilt to the museum. The museum said the quilt was possibly made in the UK. Our country is not very old, most of the early settlers came from the UK at that time.

    1. Send pictures when you make some progress. I'd love to see it. I hope you'll do a pattern.