Monday, April 15, 2019

Turkey Tetrazini

I've been looking at the many photos in the files that we would call Turkey Tracks and I noticed this variation... 

Recently posted in an online auction.
Fancy border; fancy quilting, probably 1850-1880.

Different quilt, same pattern
Not quite so fancy.

Different border

The pieced pattern in many variations was popular. Here's a quilt that
looks to be 1870-1910 Southern what with the fugitive solid fabrics, the thick batt
and the fan quilting. But no corner square.
See a post on other Turkey Tracks here:

Album made for Hannah Nicholson, dated 1843
Smithsonian Collection

Turkey Tracks blocks are common but this one with a square pieced into the corner is rather unusual. It's BlockBase #3105, published in the Kansas City Star in 1929 as Turkey Tracks and by Carrie Hall in 1935 as Mrs. Ewer's Tulip. 

"Mrs. A.B. Ewer's Tulip quilt block 1900"

Carrie Hall stitched many of the 800+ blocks in her collection at the Spencer Museum of Art, but Mrs. A.B. Ewer probably gave this vintage block to Carrie. I looked for Mrs. Ewer in Leavenworth, Kansas where Carrie lived but the only A.B. Ewer I found was in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Carrie was born in Wisconsin, so Susan Girard Ewer may indeed be the woman who made the block.

The Denver Post published this unsigned pattern in 1933 as Pond Lily

Top from 1960-1980 maybe from an online auction. Sashed.
She may have been inspired by Carrie Hall's block.

You can see the BlockBase drawing is not a great reproduction of the Ewer block. I modified it here by exporting the drawing to Electric Quilt and changing a few lines. I wanted it to look like the 19th-century versions.


This pattern is for a 15" finished block.
 Print these out on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets of paper. That top line should measure 7-1/2"
 Add seams to the pieces above. The templates below have the
seams already there.

About 1875-1910, from a Jeffrey Evans Auction
Block on point, alternate plain blocks.

The three antique versions alternate the blocks.

12 alternate blocks on the square
75" x 75"

If you set them all over you get a whole different look.
Turkey Tetrazini?

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